Expandable garden hose -(No.E502765)
EASY TO USE : When the faucet is opened, the length 25 feet of the hose extends to 50 feet and can reach to the any corners of the garden. It is fully retracts to the original length in minutes once water is off.
Our expandable garden hose can bear high temperature up to 50℃ and the temperature does not freeze in water tubes at -20℃ below zero, in addition, the pipe will be no moss and bacteria because the ultraviolet resistance.
Product Description


The expandable garden hose produced by Hung-Ta, no matter how the product quality and functionality are a major innovation in the field of horticulture. The quality of our products is not only trustworthy but also widely recognized and praised by the consumers.

◆ LEAK-PROOF: We had problems with the leakage of water pipe that are currently sold on the market for many different brands after they have been used a period of time. Hung-Ta’s R&D team has accumulated professional and multi-year experience, breakthrough improvements have been made to the shortcomings of leaky water connectors.

◆ PATENT : Our products are not only obtained patent in Germany, Canada, USA, Taiwan & China.

◆Our garden hoses has passed the California Proposition 65 drinking water non-toxic inspection standard.

◆ DURABLE DESIGN: The outer tube of the water hose is made of elastic rubber and strong special multi-dragon yarn, and the wear-resistant and pressure-resistant of inner tube adopts strong TPE composite material. It is no problem when water hose drag on the garden turf, you don’t have to worry about abrasion or breakage of water hose. Our sturdy hoses is built to work with a minimum water pressure of 40 psi and a maximum of 200 psi, with 100 psi optimum. It works with any water supply.

◆ LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY: The expandable garden hose is flat designed so it will not twist tangle or kink, the hose are with small volume and lighter designed (approx.1kg) occupying no space for easy to maintain tidiness and easy to carry.
When you are troubled by water pipes that are constantly leaking, heavy, rigid and even knotted, please remember to choose the expandable garden hose made by Hung-Ta.

Choosing Hung-Ta products is equal to helping you solve all your problems while making your gardening life relaxed and full of fun.

Product Specifications
  • Coupling:  Plastic
  • Length:     25Ft To 50Ft